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bespoke workshops are designed for individuals, venues, mixed level community groups, schools and care homes in the following areas:

attentive listening for wellbeing

sound walks and school of sound drawing


audio biography for family

mindful meditations led for presence for wellbeing

exploring vinyl and musical memories 

please get in touch directly to arrange a visit for your venue/organisation. a full pdf portfolio of current and past workshops is available via email request.

a limited amount of images and information are showcased on this website due to client confidentiality. previous clients have included:

2019 - 2020: leap london with brent borough of culture - intergenerational sound and recording project

2016 - present: audio biography, private one to one recording and editing - life stories

2016 - 2018: jewish care, london, sound and music, recording projects and audio biography

2016 - 2018: jewish care, london, mindfulness and attentive listening

2015 - 2016:  community focus, london, reminiscence and recording life stories

2014: bow church residency, london, sound walks and listening in the urban environment

2014: bow church residency, london, improvisation

2013: bridge guard residency, sturovo, slovakia, drawing what we hear, sound walks by the danube  for schools

2011: kings place international, london, radio presenting and recording for young people

2008: the roundhouse radio, london, gallery 37+, radio and electronic music design    


full sound portfolio can be found here:

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