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international driving project and live sound performance

drive-in sound is an ongoing international recording project, using the car as a mode of travel and performance space, plotting routes both nationally and internationally.

along these routes people are invited to contribute soundscape recordings of their local environments via mobile phone technology and the internet. 

these sounds form the substance for live performance and installation creating soundtracks intended for car radio and broadcast.

the sounds from one or more remote environment are transmitted live to car, as an evolving sonic environment.

installations and performances along each route are created, using real-time links, bridging communities and borders in an attempt to re-connect the points of the route through the medium of sound at the same time as transcending barriers of language and nationality.

drives and performances to date have included:

london - marnay-sur-seine (france)

london - desio (italy)

london - sturovo/parkany (slovakia)

manhattan (us) 


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