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composition and installation exhibited: commissioned by electricite de france, nogent-sur-seine in partnership with camac centre for arts and technology july - october 2017

in the natural, rural landscape of nogent-sur-seine, the magnitude of the edf power plant is both striking and mesmerising.

captivated by the relationship between the industrial presence of the power plant and the surrounding fields and woodlands, many attempts were made to capture audio recordings from the towers as they released steam into the atmosphere. some of these attempts were questioned by security and the footage was required to be deleted.

the final recording was made using a parabolic dish, which captures sound at distances beyond the capacity of the human ear. this enabled the sound to be recorded from outside the grounds without being approached.

on listening back to the recordings, the constant yet peaceful sound became evocative of breath sweeping the landscape, so the final work was synchronised to the rhythm of breathing.

the composition was designed to be become part of an installation, and was selected and commissioned by edf to return back to their museum for part of an exhibition in november 2017.





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