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summer residency 2018, at wood wharf development, canary wharf, london

a new sound composition currently being worked  into a sculptural series exploring the development and transition of the construction site at wood wharf, with particular focus on the physicality of the new herzog and de meuron residential building at 1 park drive.

access was granted by canary wharf contractors over a period of days to research the construction and record within the building.

a number of studies were conducted, beginning with attentive listening and recording the unique soundscape from the future balconies  of the new flats, to create a series of sound modules, which could be interchanged in the final composition.

following this a number of contact microphone recordings were made, working with the tactility of the building on several of the upper floors.

these 'contact' or 'invisible drawings' were created with handmade contact microphones which allow a more tactile approach to the recording process, allowing the surfaces of the buildings to have a voice. full documentation with sound excerpts from the project and pdf will be added here shortly.






first contact: invisible drawing no 1 – excerpt to be added here shortly

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