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solo show: the lexi cinema and gallery, kensal rise, london

exhibition: 11th october – 20th november 2017

sound composition and installation created specifically for the lexi gallery space, in response to selected locations within a one mile radius of the building.

a series of walks were conducted during a one month period prior to the exhibition, collecting field recordings and photographs.

the walks were considered a sort of ‘location hunt’ for something unknown, re-imagining the empty streets as stages for potential happenings or narratives.

the patterns and rhythms unique to the visual and sonic landscape of the area were documented.

the work culminated in a bespoke soundscape to complement the interior of the cinema's foyer for guests to enjoy whilst passing through the space.

a series of photographic prints were also created, reimagining the textures of the local streets.   

more examples of these can be found via the order page on this website.  




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